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Parent Coaching

Parent Sessions

Suitable for parents with children aged 2 - 11 years. 

All 1:1 sessions take place after a free telephone consultation. 

Sessions can help with behaviour, tantrums and meltdowns, anger, emotional dysregulation, anxiety, listening, bonding and attachment,  and family routines.  


One-off sessions to discuss your concerns and receive support, guidance and signposting around a particular issue.


Long-term sessions provide ongoing support and guidance for families as they work through challenges and strive for growth. By investing in long-term sessions, parents can develop a deeper understanding of their child's needs and behaviour and learn new strategies for managing difficult situations. Over time, this can lead to lasting change and improved relationships within the family. Additionally, long-term sessions can help parents feel more supported and less alone during the ups and downs of parenting. 


Six one-hour online sessions and WhatsApp support designed to meet your unique needs. We will explore how past experiences have influenced your current challenges and work together to develop sustainable strategies aligned with your values for creating positive, long-term change for you and your family.


Four one-hour online sessions per week, as well as ongoing WhatsApp support. Our goal is to provide you with effective and sustainable strategies to conquer your challenges and enhance the quality of your family life.


A one-off online session to discuss your concerns and receive information, guidance and signposting to additional support and further reading to help overcome your challenges.   


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