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Connection, Compassion, Mindset & Mindfulness


Nurturing Minds supports children's and parent's mental well-being by helping to develop strategies to promote positive mindsets, connection, compassion and mindfulness.  Our services aim to help families understand their thoughts and feelings and develop strategies to nurture their mental well-being. Promoting positive mental-wellbeing through the generations. 


Nurturing Minds provides workshops aimed to enhance connections between family members whilst supporting and empowering families to develop healthy mindsets, compassion for themselves and one another and learn emotional regulation tools. 

Nurturing Minds also works within schools and nurseries providing classes to support the national curriculum and EYFS. As well as parent and staff workshops to support those who care for children to develop their own emotional regulation practices and further support children at home or within educational settings. 

"We really enjoyed Amy's self-love workshop. There were lots of fun activities to help engage the children. All the activities were designed to be used at home, so we could continue to practice and use the tools outside of the workshop. It gave me some great ideas on how I can help encourage my child's self-love and build their self esteem".
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