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Nurturing Minds takes a whole family approach in helping parents to understand their children's emotions and behaviour, as well as their own. Workshops are designed to help families connect with each other, as well as form meaningful friendships with others. 

Nurturing Minds

Nurturing minds supports and empowers families by creating safe and welcoming environments, and treating everyone with kindness and respect.

We believe that teaching children and parents to understand how their brains work and how this affects their thoughts, feelings and behaviour can be the most empowering thing. Developing self-awareness, compassion and the confidence to continue using the emotional well-being tools they learn. Helping families to become more resilient when managing life stressors. 

Workshops will use tools such as:

Creative mindfulness

Breathing practices



Self compassion

Kindness to others

Growth mindset 


And more!



Really sad these classes are over already. I’ve really loved it! Thanks so much for everything and letting me talk to you after those classes and our conversations. I feel like a little bit of myself is back. I am more positive and really make some effort to try and control my anxiety and not letting it control me anymore.
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